Saturday, 1 October 2011


Hello people on the blogosphere, as you see my blog is completely dedicated to movies, but let me tell you that sometimes when I am drunk, I talk about some serious social issues or human psychology or studies but that’s when I am not in sense.
And when I am not drunk I am either discussing movies, music, technology or just keep quiet.
But this post of mine, I have written in full sanity without any intoxication or pressure... ;-P
Kindly read it and see whether my serious views which seem insane sometimes do make any sense.

'Divide and Rule', very old but an effective policy in politics at any level be at local, state, national or international level. The bottom line is to achieve power from a specific region or community by filling their minds with false pride for themselves and at the same time disrespect and superiority over other regions or communities.
The basic problem behind this is the human ego and the tendency to win or to be always on the winning side.
Did we ever notice our selfishness?
Or if you think we are just and broad minded people then answer these questions of mine based on cricket since it is almost parallel to religion in our country.

Q.1) If your country is playing against another country, which country would you want to win?

Q.2) If your state is playing against another state, which state would you want to win?

Q.3) If your city is playing against another state, which city would you want to win?

Q.4) If your colony is playing against another colony, which colony would you want to win?

Q.5) Lastly if you are playing with your neighbour, then who amongst you, would you want to win?