Friday, 23 September 2011


Well to start off, let me say it to you I was just a poor little creature. I was nobody. I was the last guy you could ever expect to succeed. To say about myself, I am a writer, or to be precise I was a writer and to be more specific I wanted to be a writer.

But my luck as always screwed me. I started suffering from a writer's block even before becoming a writer. I was running out of ideas, I was falling short of characters. Honestly I was fucked up. Life had screwed me hard that’s when I got an idea.

I started to think of using the world around me for inspiration. Thus I began following people. I started to follow people randomly, watching how they walked, where they went or what they did. I was hoping to get some inspiration or ideas by following them.

I made up some rules for myself before following people so that my process of inspiration does not gets screwed up. I decided never to follow a same person twice, never to follow a woman in dark alleys during late hours, never to make any contacts with the targets, etc. But you know the human nature, the fucking human nature. I broke some of my rules, some knowingly and others unknowingly.

Like there was a day, when I was following a man, dressed in decent black suit carrying a bag. Now I started to follow that man, with my eyes fixed on that bag. The day that man approached me changed my life forever. He came to me and introduced himself as Cobb, we had a chat where he asked me why was I was following him. He told me straight that he was a burglar. But believe me, he didn't look like one.

Cobb asked me whether I would like to accompany him to his burglaries, to which I replied positively. Yeah, I wanted to go with him. I wanted to understand how does this decent looking, well dressed man does it. As we broke into a house, he started looking around, I thought he would take some valuables or money but he wasn't interested in that. All he wanted to do was to go in through people's stuff and look around. He just enjoyed playing with their belongings, rather you can say their priceless belongings like photographs, letters, CDs and other such things. He always said "You take it away, and show them what they had." 

Saturday, 17 September 2011

being a superhero

From the time I remember I have always been fascinated by the superhero films and cartoons, I wasn't much into comics during my early years.
Imagining weird villains and my superpowers, I spent a considerable time of my childhood day dreaming, when others around me played cricket and other games. The outcome - I became a kid who was addicted to television. Movies started to become my life.

Being less on ground to play with others made me a weak ass during sports and other physical activities. So while playing everyone made fun of me. But for me that was not an insult, it gave me more reasons to believe that something great is waiting for me. As all superheros have a weak alter ego, I thought my weakness on ground while playing is just a cover so that nobody can suspect my superhero identity in future. It made me think that a magical transformation or a miracle or some mutation was awaiting me so that it would make me strong. That was the life when I was a ten year old kid.

I still remember the time when I used to catch spiders and connect them with ripped wires removed from my remote controlled toy car, I just expected that the spider would go some mutation and then I would keep it on my wrist expecting that it would bite me and I in turn would turn something like spiderman. :-D

I went to extent of attaching different small used batteries or other cool looking objects to my watch just hoping it to be something like the one Anil Kapoor had in Mr. India.

Monday, 12 September 2011

The Last Job


Running away from his fate, Rocky jumped across the wall on his way.
But today was not his day.
Standing in front of him, he could see his death shinning.
The shinning light from the headlight of the truck crashed into him. The vehicle halted. So did his life.


Being with Soniya, always made Rocky feel to be in heaven.
But soniya despised his work. She could not stand the fact that she was involved with a killer.
Rocky had made up his mind to leave his crimes, making her forgive him.
For that Soniya loved him even more.

Thursday, 8 September 2011

one night at the bates motel

Taking a plunge into the darkness at that rainy night I drove my car. I was cursing myself for the decision to move out at that evening instead of waiting for the next morning. It was very dark and I could not see anything, so a thought crossed my mind. I decided to pass the night at some motel along the highway and in the morning when the weather would be normal or at least a bit more convenient than this, I would continue my journey. After driving for about fifteen minutes I came across a motel. It looked quite dangerous but was interesting. There was an old house behind the cabins. 

As I went near, in the window of that house behind the motel I saw a silhouette of an old woman.

The moment my car reached the entrance of the motel, a young man in his early twenties came down to open the door for me, he took my bags and smiled. He said 'Welcome to the Bates Motel, I am Norman Bates.'

I felt some good vibes for this guy. He was too young to be taking care of this entire motel all by himself.

'Is there any vacancy?', I asked.
Norman said 'Oh, we have 12 vacancies. 12 cabins, 12 vacancies.'
He took a key and led me to my room. I felt something strange about the atmosphere inside the motel.

'Are you alone over here all the time?', I asked him.

'No, my mother stays with me. We live behind.'  

I understood that the silhouette in the window must be his mother.

'Would you like to have dinner?', he asked judging my tiredness.

'Yes, thank you. How about in half an hour, because I need to freshen up', I said.

'Ok sir, I will knock your door when it will be ready', He smiled as he left.