Monday, 12 September 2011

The Last Job


Running away from his fate, Rocky jumped across the wall on his way.
But today was not his day.
Standing in front of him, he could see his death shinning.
The shinning light from the headlight of the truck crashed into him. The vehicle halted. So did his life.


Being with Soniya, always made Rocky feel to be in heaven.
But soniya despised his work. She could not stand the fact that she was involved with a killer.
Rocky had made up his mind to leave his crimes, making her forgive him.
For that Soniya loved him even more.


Rocky killed for a living.
He never asked his target’s name or picture to avoid any guilt in future.
He never even knew his employers, one SMS on his cell, with details like clothes and location of the target and it was done.
Rocky thought just this last job today.


Rocky saw his target coming on road.
He fixed his eyes on his target from behind. Speeding up his bike he killed the target and drove off without even looking back.
When he called Soniya to tell her that it was all over today, he realised whom he had killed.


  1. Excellent!!!!!!

    An awesome story well said.Short but amazing.

    You may like my short stories too,do visit.:)

  2. Thank you, Arjun. :)
    Have already visited some and I have liked them.
    Good writing buddy.....