Sunday, 31 July 2011

Christopher Nolan

Christopher Nolan, the name itself brings in mind the thought of excellent cinema. Nolan writes and visualizes his films like no one else can. The successes of his movies are never to be doubted because for his fans just his name is enough to be associated with any project.
Nolan's ideas and writing style can seem to be insane at first when you hear it but when he brings them on screen you will have your jaws dropped.
Nolan is the man of friendship and trust, which can be seen by his frequent collaborations with his crew and actors. His better half and his brother are like his two arms which spread out wide on the screen and show some excellent cinema.
All his characters seem very strong and confident but they are always battling with their inner conscience. His films including even his short films are a kind of cult classics within a short span of time.