Sunday, 31 July 2011

Christopher Nolan

Christopher Nolan, the name itself brings in mind the thought of excellent cinema. Nolan writes and visualizes his films like no one else can. The successes of his movies are never to be doubted because for his fans just his name is enough to be associated with any project.
Nolan's ideas and writing style can seem to be insane at first when you hear it but when he brings them on screen you will have your jaws dropped.
Nolan is the man of friendship and trust, which can be seen by his frequent collaborations with his crew and actors. His better half and his brother are like his two arms which spread out wide on the screen and show some excellent cinema.
All his characters seem very strong and confident but they are always battling with their inner conscience. His films including even his short films are a kind of cult classics within a short span of time.

His first film Following released in 1998 was the one of its kind. It shows the efficiency of Mr. Nolan even at the time of being a newbie in the industry. It is the story of an unemployed, struggling writer who has an obsession of following people in order to find inspiration for his first novel. The problem arises when he breaks the rules that he had set for himself before following people. Scenes are shown out of chronology and often confuse but at the same time keep the viewer stuck to the film.

Memento released in 2000 was a daring effort by Nolan. The story revolves around a man who suffers from amnesia. The man in the film doesn't remember anything except his revenge for the murder of his wife. This film had a mind blowing screenplay where story goes in colour and black and white sequences. The colour sequence tells the story backwards and the black and white sequence takes it forward simultaneously. At the end both the sequences merge to give out an excellent story.

Then came INSOMNIA in the year 2002 which was a remake of an Norwegian film. This film starred the legendary actor Al Pacino. This movie is based on the guilt that a detective faces after he kills his fellow officer on duty and the story goes on with how he hides it and manipulates the evidences. This shows the stress and the resulting insomnia which the detective suffers later and the film has an thrilling murder mystery of a girl in the backdrop.

BATMAN BEGINS which came in 2005 was his take on the popular superhero. It showed the perfect unrest in the mind of the superhero and shook the way the usual superhero movies are made.

PRESTIGE, released in 2006 was an epic movie. Extraordinary performances by the actors Christian Bale and Hugh Jackman and the strong storyline made it an awesome film. Prestige is the finest film in Nolan's career. It tells the story of two rival magicians and their efforts to succeed as well as to plague each others shows. The tricks behind some amazing magic and the unusual revelation at the end makes it a jaw dropping movie.

THE DARK KNIGHT released in 2008 is also one of the finest superhero films with excellent performances by Christian Bale, Michael Caine and the beloved late Heath Ledger. It was one of the best film of his career. The kind of writing of the characters and extraordinary performances by the actors playing them made it an awesome cinema package.

INCEPTION was best movie after Prestige by Mr. Nolan. The storyline and the screenplay compels the viewer to think and scratch his head. It tells us the story of a thief who is unmatched in his skills to steal the thoughts from minds of people while they are sleeping. The story goes on when that thief gets a chance to win everything that he lost just in turn he will have to do the opposite of his normal job i.e. instead of stealing an idea from a person's mind he will have to plant an idea.

Mr. Nolan's future projects include a superman film titled 'Man Of Steel' which is to be directed by Zack Snyder and his final installment in the Batman series 'The Dark Knight Rises'


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  2. Thank you, Yash....
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  4. Yes, you are right. Nolan is truly unmatched in skills.
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  5. so very true....for me he is in the top league with Quentin Tarantino,clint eastwood...all amazing filmmakers...every one with a different style and visuliasation.....well written article....good pen

  6. Thank you, The Fallen Poet.
    Nolan is indeed in the top league with Tarantino, Eastwood with also Scorsese, James Cameron and others.