Saturday, 6 August 2011

NZT-48 would make me LIMITLESS

“Eddie Morra: A tablet a day and I was Limitless...”

“Carl Von Loon: So, Eddie Morra... And you do know you're a freak? What's your secret?
Eddie Morra: Medication.”

“Eddie Mora: No scenario? I see every scenario, I see 50 scenarios, that's what it does Carl - it puts me 50 moves ahead of you.”

The above lines are from the movie Limitless. It’s one of its kinds. Limitless was directed by Neil Burger. The screenplay was written by Leslie Dixon. It was based on the novel The Dark Fields by Alan Glynn.

Bradley Cooper has played it quite well and has almost convinced the viewers of the struggles in the life of Eddie. Robert De Niro plays the businessman Carl Von loon.

Limitless tells us the story of a struggling ill fated writer Edward “Eddie” Morra. About how he gets the drug NZT-48 which changes his life forever. The drug enhances his brain capacity. But the drug has side effects too. That has been shown well in the movie. A perfect portrayal of rags to riches can be seen in the movie. This film is truly a must watch.

Coming on to the drug NZT-48, let me tell that the concept of this drug which they have created is awesome. As we all know from the researches that we use only 20% of our brain. The drug has the capacity to make our brain use the remaining 80% too. This makes a man to have super intellectual abilities.

Everything that we see or hear remains in our brain forever like a video on the disk. But we tend to forget the less important or rarely happening things towards which we don’t pay much heed. The truth is that we never forget it. These things just go and settle in some part of our brain, never again to come back. NZT-48 brings out those things when needed at the right time.
If I had those NZT-48 pills I would have been limitless like Eddie.

I would eat a NZT-48 pill on the day of exam and would just have had a look on every page of the book. The answers would have been perfect.

I would eat a NZT-48 pill and watch a cricket match. The next day I would have been in the Indian cricket team.

I would eat a NZT-48 pill and just hear the different languages for minutes and I would be fluent in those.

I would eat a NZT-48 pill and watch some Bruce Lee movies. You could then expect me to be ready to thrash ten people at a time.

I would eat a NZT-48 pill and study the stock market. In few days I would be a millionaire.

I would eat a NZT-48 pill and gather the information on Indian Politics. Well then you could have seen me hoisting the flag at Red Fort on 15th August and 26th Jan :D


And many such things would have been possible for me...

NZT-48 would be a life savior for me. As we know everything comes with a price. Like in the movie the side effects would have arise. But who cares because after eating the pill I would have been more intelligent than the one who made it first so I am sure I would have found a way out. After all I would be LIMITLESS :D




  1. I so need those pills too. I really enjoyed this movie. I think the star looks a lot like Hritik Roshan, don't you? Especially on the alternate cover that shows him standing in the street while life goes by rapidly. When I first saw the movie cover that's why I hurried to watch it lol, I though HR had made a movie in the US.

  2. Yes, even some of my friends mistook him for Hrithik.
    In fact Bradley Cooper's look in the Hangover films and Hrithik's in ZNMD are very much the same.

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