Tuesday, 14 June 2011

The Clear Picture

An old photograph seen after a long time pours out the memories. These memories are not only about good times but also sometimes it reminds us certain break ups (not necessarily your girlfriends/boyfriends it can be your friends or relatives or any damm person on this planet). The state of our mind at such time is very much active in remembering the past events and associations.
But does holding that photograph in your hand and watching it give out a clear picture to you?

You have made a plan with your friends or family to go out for a movie. Just imagine your state of mind at that time. You are so eager and enthusiastic about watching that movie. You are happy that you are going to spend some time with the people who are close to you.
But after coming out from the theatre do you get a clear picture about the movie?

After reading the above lines I think many amongst you would think that this guy is a freak or has he gone mad? I would not get surprised to know that many of you must have felt that I am insane and asking you some stupid questions.
I mean you would think what more could that old photograph that brought you a smile on your face because of sweet memories associated with it show you more than what is shown in it actually or you may think what could the movie give out to you other then a couple of hours of enjoyment or boredom(depending upon the movie and your taste for cinema).
You are obviously right on the things that are passing in your mind but did you try to think on it the other way? Or tried to understand my way?

This is my second post on this page of mine. I am new to this world of blogs. But I had always wanted a platform to scream out my thoughts and dreams.
As the name of this page suggests wonders of insane mind, I would like to appeal every reader to leave out their restrictions of sanity behind and think freely and insanely on every topic which we will cover here.

After all you get only one life and there is not much time to do the things we want. So why to waste time on living ourselves with a coat of sanity which has got the cloth of rules and laws put down by some of the hypocrites.
Lets break down this false wall and walk out a new way on the roads of life which were never opened for us due our troubles with the sane hypocrisy in our own minds.
Lets see the photograph now with a new way and think why should it be a memory when in this age of mobiles and social networking we can live that photograph daily. We can meet our dear ones regularly and never miss them. Then watching such a photograph after a long time would never give the pain of missing those days or people.
The next time you take people with you for a movie never think whether they will like it or not because you would end up watching the movie through their eyes not your own. That would overshadow your own excitement and expectations from the movie.

Remember whatever you are, you are special in your own way.
Think a bit insanely and let your mind flow in the river of your actions and thoughts and see what wonders it makes.

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  1. indeed one should learn to live freely,not restricting the thoughts,if we really want to live.
    i agree with you in this world we constantly meet new people,we keep in touch with old one,we live each moment like in the photographs.
    nice post. :)