Saturday, 17 September 2011

being a superhero

From the time I remember I have always been fascinated by the superhero films and cartoons, I wasn't much into comics during my early years.
Imagining weird villains and my superpowers, I spent a considerable time of my childhood day dreaming, when others around me played cricket and other games. The outcome - I became a kid who was addicted to television. Movies started to become my life.

Being less on ground to play with others made me a weak ass during sports and other physical activities. So while playing everyone made fun of me. But for me that was not an insult, it gave me more reasons to believe that something great is waiting for me. As all superheros have a weak alter ego, I thought my weakness on ground while playing is just a cover so that nobody can suspect my superhero identity in future. It made me think that a magical transformation or a miracle or some mutation was awaiting me so that it would make me strong. That was the life when I was a ten year old kid.

I still remember the time when I used to catch spiders and connect them with ripped wires removed from my remote controlled toy car, I just expected that the spider would go some mutation and then I would keep it on my wrist expecting that it would bite me and I in turn would turn something like spiderman. :-D

I went to extent of attaching different small used batteries or other cool looking objects to my watch just hoping it to be something like the one Anil Kapoor had in Mr. India.

By the time I reached my teens I understood a fact but only partially and that made me appear as a fool i.e a superhero is not great because of his superpower but because of his super'act'.

I started to search that 'act'. Batman was among my favorites so I started wearing a black t-shirt under my usual clothes so that if there is an emergency I should be ready. And the most important one, a black monkey cap also used to be in my bag all the times so that I could protect my identity while saving others.

But I could not find any problems that I could solve nor I was that kind of physically strong to thrash the bad elements (my bad elements included a school teacher I hated, a boy in neighborhood and a criminal about whom I had read in the newspaper, now I don't even remember his name)

This stage of my life too passed waiting for the superpowers and finding the right super'act' where I could use them.

I grew up and so did my brain (some people still doubt it :P )

I saw my dad working for us, for me, to have a better education and a better life. I saw the people in the defence forces fighting terrorism and other bad elements. I realised even a small person like a cleaner or security guard who does his job for the convenience of others is special and extraordinary than the person with lazy ass who dosen't give a damm about others .

The definition of super'act' changed for me now. It was no more fighting with the bad people with superpowers or flying in the air or roaming around as a vigilante but it was to do normal acts in pure and right ways. Slowly my my dad, the soldiers, the honest social workers and every pure soul working for his family, society and nation became a superhero for me. I too wish to join this league of heroes with my acts one day. And hence my childhood dream of being a superhero would become true.


  1. Loved it..agree with you, the most important thing in life is to be a good human being,all the rest comes after this..

  2. @The Floating Clouds : Thank you... :)
    @Rahul Bhandare : Yes, doing the right act matters... :)

  3. catching spiders??? reaallyyy??? :p.. awww.. well im still hoping to get a letter from Hogwarts..:D..
    P:S -Follow your passion , no matter what ppl tell u:) ur movie and music bit... :)

  4. @Menachery : You will get that letter soon from a white pigeon.. :)
    Man who has no passion for anything in his life is as equal as dead.

  5. I grew up and so did my brain (some people still doubt it :P )hehe..this post is actually very sweet one..i belive we all r superheroes in someway or the other.