Friday, 16 December 2011

the most complete fighter : Yuri Boyka

I had picked up a liking for boxing at an early age, when even my accidental and unintentional punches made people cry and bleed. To say the truth I enjoyed that a lot. By the time I reached my teens, I had broken enough bones of many people to surpass the number of bones in my own body.
Looking at me then, anyone would have predicted my future and some were even sure of it. Everyone used to say that to my parents.

'He is maniac, you better control him',
'This bloody animal should be caged',
'Sorry to say but your son has no other place than a prison'

Well to say, all their predictions were true. I became inmate number 915, charged of first degree murder. I wasn't sad because I ended up in jail but rather pissed off because of my back which broke during the time I was running and trying to resist arrest.
My back did break, but my interest in boxing stayed. I used to follow the championships seriously, so I knew very well about the life of fighters. George 'Iceman' Chambers who was once the world champion had been arrested and brought in our prison.

But he was not the only champion we had. We had our very own Yuri Boyka, a man hard to define. A man or rather to call him an animal more violent then me, more violent then anybody else. Boyka considered himself as the most complete fighter. He strongly believed that he had been gifted this art of fighting from God and so it was his duty to prove himself worthy of something. He was best. There was no competition for Boyka. 

But there can't be two kings in the same kingdom  and our prison was no exception. There was immediate bad blood between Boyka and Chambers. It was then we realised Chambers was not guilty, he had been framed in order to bring him at Boyka's den. The jail authorities and Gaga, the match organiser had done it to earn a fortune by the bets on the fight between Boyka and Chambers.

Chambers initially reluctant but later on his own agreed to fight when Gaga ensured him his freedom if he won. Soon the fight started with the crowd almost getting mad to see two best fighters in the world. But after few rounds Chambers lost his senses and couldn't concentrate, hence he lost his fight and freedom to the great Boyka.

It was not long before the rumours of Chambers being drugged during the fight arised. And hence it was evident that the intoxications due to that drugs made Chambers lose the match. It was a foul play of the jail authorities. Both Chambers and Boyka were pissed off after learning the truth and decided a rematch.

The fighters started to train hard again. that was when Chambers received an unlikely help from Crot, an old prisoner who was once in the army.

The day of fight arrived making everyone forget everything else and see the two tigers preying on each other.

The fight was tough but gave a great shock in the end, Chambers won the match breaking Boyka's leg. I was almost on the verge of an heart attack after watching it.

Chambers got his freedom and the false accusations against him were removed.
Boyka was almost forgotten and neglected after that. He spent many years living low quietly. It was then one fine day he encountered Gaga, when he got an inspiration to fight again, and represent his jail in the international competition. 

We didn't know much about what happened at that competition but our champion never returned since then. Only his great stories of how he fought with just one good leg and won came back.

This post is dedicated to the Undisputed film series. About 90% of this post is from the 2nd movie in the series. First movie deals with George Chambers's earlier jail trip and the 3rd movie shows Boyka fighting in the international competition and his escape from the life of prison.
The character of Yuri Boyka was played by Scott Adkins who stole the entire show with his extra-ordinary fighting style.


  1. Undisputed trilogy are the best fighter movies. It's really great of u to bring out this underrated movie.

  2. Thanks, Arun. :)
    You are right, maybe be underrated but they are the best fighter movies. :)

  3. Boxing is a very special event close to my heart and i wrote a blog on Indian Boxing League which is going to start soon on the lines of IPL

  4. Yes, would be waiting for it eagerly.