Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Short Story : The Robbery


Our guy with camera was busy taking pictures of the building from it's front and surroundings. He was smiling more with every second passing and couldn't wait to finish his job soon.

Our second guy who was standing in front of the bank, looked sadly towards it. After every few seconds he would take out his wallet and look at the picture of his kid girl, then smile for a while and again return his gaze towards the bank.

Our third guy was riding throughout the area on his new sports bike, on which he had done some modifications himself to suit for the job. He was just so lost in his thoughts for the job next day.

All of our three guys were so lost in their respective thoughts that they could care little about the rest of the world. Each one of them had a perfect plan and had made proper efforts to succeed.


It was a Monday morning and people were back to work after enjoying their weekend. All the things seemed normal and fine.

A guy in black suit entered through the gate and was ready to knock off the security guard, but was surprised when he did not find the guard there.

A few minutes earlier a guy in grey suit had got surprised too.

With no time to waste, the guy in black suit grabbed a man in red suit as soon as he came inside and with one gun shot in the air enough to scare people, he loudly declared his intentions. Holding everyone at the gunpoint, he asked them to get to a corner.

The guy in grey suit got puzzled over what was happening in the middle of his job. He confronted the guy in black suit, to which the guy in black suit didn't take good.

The guy in black suit just started to fire and the guy in grey suit got lucky and killed him in counter fire. 

The guy in red suit now freed since the guy in gray suit had shot the guy in black suit. He first got annonyed thinking that his job had got hijacked by first the guy in black suit and now by this guy in gray suit.

The guy in gray suit finally succeeded in taking money from the locker, by telling the cashier to do that. He was holding a lady at a gun point.

The guy in red suit was looking at the guy in black suit now lying dead in the middle of the floor. The guy in gray was in front, taking the filled bags. Without a second thought,
the guy in red suit took out the gun.

The guy in gray suit was quick to notice the actions of the guy in red suit, he shot him even before the guy in red suit could point out the gun.

The guy in gray suit now with the bags and a lady at the gun point, got out of the bank. He took the lady with him as a hostage, a safety measure if he would be confronted by the police on the way later. As soon as he got out, he made her sit in his car and drove away.


The manager and cashier, who earlier had been unsuccessful in putting on the alarm, now were calling the police.

The man in black suit who was dead stayed still the floor . A small part of some black colored device, something like a camera was out from his pocket.

Outside the bank, stood a sports bike, whose rider had come dressed in the red suit, and now it was left owner-less.

A lady was walking happily, surviving the accident and carrying bags filled with fortune.

The man in gray suit had his head resting on the steering wheel in the same way as his car was resting on the tree. A few minutes earlier he was struggling with the lady inside the car, to get hold of his gun. She had grabbed it, when he was looking at the photo in his wallet and didn't had his the attention on the gun. The car had gone out of control and a tree stood still on their way.


  1. too much of HOLY wood movies has an effect on you too bro :) :)
    good one i enjoyed :)

  2. Marvelous narration for a short story.

  3. @ Deepak : Haha, it affects everyone. And for such kind of stories and plots I can specifically blame tarantino for affecting my mind. ;D

    @ Arun : Thank you.

  4. Kindly name the characters :) It's easier.. It's like a tongue twister "grey suit.." "red suit..." :P ! good story though!

  5. @ Divenita : I could have named the characters but I wanted the readers to feel the uneasiness of the story. :P

  6. Nice story-telling. The narration of the story is superb.

  7. A great and fast paced thriller...Enjoyed reading it...

  8. @ Saru : Thank you, I am glad you enjoyed it. :)

  9. loved the pace of your narration, kept me hooked

  10. @ Sujatha Sathya : Thank you. :)

  11. Good thriller. And what an ending.

  12. @ Hariharan Valady : Thanks a ton. :)