Sunday, 19 August 2012


I have been thinking for a long time about my blogging journey. It started out as a blog where I was confused with what I had to write until the time I finally got some proper direction. I named it out of my love for movies but now I have realized that under the movie title of my blog I have written various other things too which include posts on books, short stories, some other gyaan, etc. At the end it was all about a good story.

Whatever things that I have written or gonna write would always focus on a story - posts on movies, short fictions, fictional biographies or rendezvous. So it would always be about entertainment.

So my friends I am going to change the TITLE of my blog but my BLOG ADDRESS would remain the same. I see the coming Eid as a good day for this change, so my I'll flash out my new title from 20th August, 2012.


  1. Very true change is good , so all the best with the change ..


  2. Wow, nice. My initial curiosity when i started blogging was similar to yours.
    Didnt know, wht i will write. All i knew is, it would be about me or my experiences.
    So bascially it is My World- so i named it Vyo's World. Till date, the name remains.

    1. That's great..Its the second time I'm changing my title, I changed my 1st title within 2 weeks of starting the blog and then it went on for a year and now again it changed...Hope so I continue with this title for a long time.